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Highest Quality Dog Treats

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality natural pet treats. We collect raw material daily from 28 registered meat processors in eastern Australia and have installed our own chilling systems at the processors to ensure complete freshness during transport to our facility. Our dog treats are then manufactured in our new, modern, export registered plant in Howlong, NSW. The raw material is prepared and cut to size prior to the drying process. Products are placed on specialised mobile stainless steel racks and moved into one of the drying rooms.  The computerised jet-dryers are then programmed according to the particular pet treat in the drying room. All dog treats are processed and dried differently due to the variance in moisture content in each particular treat.  The drying process is very important and monitored closely by our trained staff and Quality Assurance team, to ensure that our dog treats does not cook, but dehydrates all the moisture out, making the product healthy and safe for your pet. All dog treats are subjected to a heat treatment sufficient to destroy pathogenic organisms (including salmonella). Due to our technically advanced drying process, all of our pet treats have a shelf life of in excess of 2 years. Therefore all packaged dog treats is stamped with a "Best Before" date of two years post packaging.